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Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture
Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture

Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture

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Guard Against Migraines with Migraine - Daily Preventative Tincture

Take charge of your well-being with our Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture, a strategic blend of feverfew, skullcap, rosemary, and lemon balm. Formulated to provide daily support, this tincture is designed to potentially reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, allowing you to regain control and enjoy a more comfortable, headache-free life.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Feverfew: Traditionally used for migraine prevention, feverfew may help reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, providing natural support.

  2. Skullcap: Known for its calming properties, skullcap may help alleviate tension and stress, contributing to the prevention of migraine episodes.

  3. Rosemary: With its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, rosemary supports vascular health and may play a role in reducing migraine occurrences.

  4. Lemon Balm: Celebrated for its calming influence, lemon balm contributes to stress reduction and relaxation, potentially minimizing triggers for migraines.


  • Migraine Prevention: Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture is crafted to potentially reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines, offering consistent support.

  • Tension Alleviation: Skullcap and lemon balm work synergistically to alleviate tension and stress, contributing to a more relaxed state of mind.

  • Vascular Support: Rosemary's anti-inflammatory properties may support vascular health, potentially reducing the likelihood of migraine episodes.

  • Consistent Relief: Feverfew, known for its traditional use in migraine prevention, provides ongoing support for individuals seeking consistent relief.

How to Use:

Follow the recommended dosage instructions to seamlessly incorporate Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture into your daily routine. Whether you're proactively preventing migraines or managing their frequency, this tincture is your natural ally for a more headache-free life.

Regain Control over Migraines. Order Migraine – Daily Preventative Tincture for Natural Support!


Organic grain alcohol, water, organic and wild crafted herbs of: feverfew, skullcap,rosemary and lemon balm.  Alcohol content 55% Shake before each use: Use 1 to 3 times per day, 20 drops (half a dropper full). Best if used under the tongue and held for 30 seconds, but can also be added to juice, water or hot tea.