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Our Story

Wellness is our focus at Nature’s Inventory

Empowering Lives with Natural Choices


Our mission: to provide natural options in health and wellbeing and to empower people in experiencing wellness without pills, either alone, or as a compliment to Western medicine.

Before Nature’s Inventory was founded in 2001, Wellness Oils were just a mother’s remedy to household ailments, in an attempt to move away from prescriptions and their side effects.

We know how hard, and expensive it can be to both take good care of yourself and be environmentally responsible, all without breaking the bank. Our customers want socially conscious, ethically sourced and cruelty free products at a great price point. So we set forth to deliver!

Nestled at the base of majestic Mt Rainier, we hand-craft our small batch products with superior quality ingredients. Our wellness oils and natural skin care products are of the highest quality, but without the cost. We hand bottle and hand label them ourselves one gallon at a time. If we don't manufacture it ourselves, we've created a partnership with other small batch vendors in order to support other small businesses like ours. Collaboration and partnership are very important to us. We value our community and our customers.

We don't have a large staff. Know that when you call or email you are speaking directly to the ones involved in making/bottling these products. Nature’s Inventory is truly a small business.