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How Wellness Oils Work

All natural Nature’s Inventory Wellness Oils are specially formulated topical oils designed to address physical and emotional needs. With over 80 products there is something for everyone! All of our Wellness Oils are a blend of various therapeutic grade essential oils blended in a base of organic grapeseed and fractionated coconut oil.

When applied to the skin, the botanical properties of the essential oils are easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream where they are transported to the organs and systems of the body. Essential oils have differing rates of absorption, generally between 20 minutes and 2 hours, so it is best not to bathe or shower directly following an application to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Most people know essential oils for their relaxing properties of aromatherapy but few people understand that essential oils contribute to our physical health as well. On a physical level, essential oils are the most potent form of herbal energy available. Essential oils have the ability to actually get oxygen to your cells and, when that happens, your body can release toxins and pull much needed potassium back into the cell. Many essential oils have qualities that make them anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and analgesic, thus helping to reduce pain, and relax muscles on a much deeper level. On a cellular level, essential oils are good for wound healing, scar repairing, tissue stimulating, and barrier regulating . They help maintain the optimum moisture level in skin and protect it from infection. Geranium and lavender are examples of oils that work on this cellular level.

On an emotional level, essential oils stimulate memories (both consciously and subconsciously), basic drives, and hormones. They can combat depression, grief, and stress related disorders. On an "energy" level, essential oils can be used on acupuncture meridians, chakras, and subtle energy points. Many massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and spas already use our oils in their treatments.

Nature’s Inventory Wellness Oils are empowering people with natural choices. For thousands of years, natural remedies have been used to treat a variety of conditions. We know our products are making a difference in people lives because our customers call, write and email to tell us so! Our customers continue to recommend our products to their friends and family and we couldn’t ask for a better form of advertising then that. We feel privileged to be able share our oils with you and your family.


May I use more then one oil in a day?

YES! The oils will not interfere with one another. We recommend that you use 1-5 Wellness Oils in a day, but up to 10 are ok.

How do I apply the oils?

Applications vary with each type of wellness oil. Oils for physical issues should be applied in the general area in need. For example, Joint Support on and around the joint in pain, while Head Soothe should be applied to the temples and shoulders. Oils for organs work best when applied over the area of the organ. Each bottle will tell you how to apply the oil. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

How do I store these oils?

There are no special requirements for storage. Since the oils are already blended in a carrier oil, they can be stored anywhere that is handy.

I am on medication; will these oils interfere with them?

There are no known contraindications with any medications. As with any product for your health, you may want to check with your doctor before using our products.