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About us

We have 2 locations; our warehouse/offices and our retail store. Both are located in Enumclaw, WA. To choose the location you want to contact please read below.

If you live outside of the Enumclaw, WA area and wish to place an order or ask us questions please call:
425.775.2000 and press option 1 to reach our offices. 


If you live in the Enumclaw area and wish to reach our retail store please call:
360.615.1165 and press option 2 to reach our retail store.



Office and Mailing Address: (used for mailing orders, checks, and returns)
Nature's Inventory
2551 Cole Street, Suite P
Enumclaw, WA 98022
425.775.2000  - option 1

Nature's Inventory Downtown Enumclaw Store - This location is for our local retail customers to come in and shop
1504 Cole Street
Enumclaw, WA 98022
Phone: 360.625.5018  - option 2
425.775.2000  - option 2

Other Contact Information

Fax: 360.802.8926
Toll Free Number: 866.607.2146


Warehouse and Phone Hours:

Day Hours - (PST)
Monday - Friday 9 am - 5 pm
Saturday CLOSED

Enumclaw, WA Retail Store Hours:

Day Hours - (PST)
Monday - Friday 9 am - 7 pm
Saturday 10 am - 5 pm



We are passionate!

If there is one word that describes who we are and what we are about it would be passion. From the inception of Nature's Inventory it has always been about a passion to establish something better, to create products that make real change in people's lives, not just empty promises. Nature's Inventory originated on real life experiences, and the need to find a better way. With so many drugs on the market that all presented side effects of their own, change was needed. Every piece of our company holds to this passion.

Your health- One thing we know for sure, is that these oils are making a difference in so many people's lives. We feel certain, that we have options in natural health that make sense. If we don't believe strongly in the effectiveness in a product, we won't bring it to market. Your health is our number one concern. We know without any doubt that we can help most people with most health issues. And we are inspired by you! Our business, like so many small businesses has been built on blood, sweat and tears. Through the hard times, when we didn't know how we would get through to the next day, and often times we wondered why are we doing this your phone calls and emails seemed to flood in at an even higher rate telling us how important our oils are to you. In the hard times, you were our cheerleaders. Many of you have taken the time to write and have asked us not to stop doing what we do. You have told us that you don't know what you would do without these oils, you have told us how these oils have changed your lives and you have given us the courage to continue in our journey. So, we thank you, maybe even more then you thank us because every day, we are inspired to be here and to do what we do because of you. We love what we do, we love helping people and we love that we get to make a difference in people's lives.


Our guarantee- We have a no hassle money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our product, you can return them for a full refund (or exchange). No hassles, no questions asked. All that we ask is that you return them within 6 months of your purchase. Why do we do this? We believe strongly in our products. So strongly in fact, that we even refund the cost that of shipping you paid to get the product to you. (please see our return policy for more information).

Product development- Product development is a blast but it is taken very seriously! Most products are tested, then tested, then tested again and again and again before anything is ever released. Most of the product that you see made come from suggestions made by our customer's needs. Typically, we then work with a focus group in a controlled environment in a testing format while we work on the formula until we our product development team is satisfied.

Ingredients- Ingredients are still, as they were from the beginning of the highest quality. We do not use any petroleum (mineral oil) based ingredients, synthetic ingredients, or even preservatives because (oh here comes the passion) we feel it is vital to our health that these ingredients are never used. Not in our food, and not even in our skin care. Your skin is a living organ and contrary to popular belief, it is not a barrier. It absorbs what you put on it, and therefore, these products are ingested much like the foods we eat. Some to a lesser degree then others, but all to some degree. We seek only the best of the best. We have recently made the decision to go organic. With this decision, we our cost will go up in making the products, but we made a clear choice not to raise our prices to our customers. We felt that this was our choice and we did not want our customers to pay for our choices. So, you will not see your price go up because of what we do.


Cost- When we first sent our product to market, we were told we made the mistake of not pricing our products high enough. In fact, we were told that these products should have been priced between $29 and $49 per bottle. This was both disturbing and disappointing to us! We were also encouraged to use a multilevel marketing approach in selling our products which would have forced us to sell our products for about $49 per bottle. We refused on both accounts. One of our main focuses was that natural health should be available to ALL people, not just the privileged. Our products are very reasonably priced at $15.95 so that EVERYONE can enjoy the gift of health.

Environment- At Nature's Inventory, we have ALWAYS been passionate about the environment. And this goes back long before green became a household word! From the paper that we use that is not just 10 or 20% recycled, but 100% recycled (we demand it), to the packaging peanuts that we spend three times as much on because they are biodegradable to pack your products in, in everything we do, in every decision we make, we consider our impact on the environment. We should probably talk about it more, but we just get so busy making products (because we are so passionate about getting to work and doing it to the best of our ability) that sometimes we forget you might need to hear about what's going on behind the scenes!