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Energy Rebuilder Tincture

Energy Rebuilder Tincture

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Revitalize Your Vitality with Energy Rebuilder Tincture

Energize your body and rejuvenate your spirit with Energy Rebuilder Tincture, a dynamic fusion of burdock, dandelion, fo-ti, ginkgo, gotu kola, licorice, lycium berries, nettle, oats, and Siberian ginseng. Crafted to replenish your vitality, this tincture is your natural companion for sustained energy and overall well-being.

Key Ingredients:

  1. Burdock: Packed with nutrients, burdock supports overall vitality by promoting a healthy inflammatory response and aiding in detoxification.

  2. Dandelion: A natural powerhouse, dandelion contributes to liver health and detoxification, supporting your body's energy production processes.

  3. Fo-Ti: Revered in traditional Chinese medicine, fo-ti is believed to enhance vitality and promote longevity, contributing to sustained energy levels.

  4. Ginkgo: Known for its cognitive and circulatory benefits, ginkgo supports improved blood flow to vital organs, enhancing overall energy and mental clarity.

  5. Gotu Kola: Celebrated for its adaptogenic properties, gotu kola helps combat stress and fatigue while promoting mental alertness and vitality.

  6. Licorice: Providing adrenal support, licorice aids in balancing energy levels and supporting the body's stress response.

  7. Lycium Berries: Rich in antioxidants, lycium berries contribute to overall vitality by combating oxidative stress and promoting a healthy immune system.

  8. Nettle: Abundant in vitamins and minerals, nettle provides a nourishing boost, aiding in the restoration of energy and stamina.

  9. Oats: A source of complex carbohydrates, oats offer sustained energy release, helping to prevent energy crashes and promoting lasting vitality.

  10. Siberian Ginseng: Adaptogenic Siberian ginseng enhances the body's ability to adapt to stressors, promoting resilience and sustained energy levels.


  • Sustained Energy: Energy Rebuilder Tincture provides a balanced blend of energizing herbs to support sustained vitality throughout the day.

  • Adaptogenic Support: With adaptogens like gotu kola and Siberian ginseng, this tincture helps your body adapt to stressors, promoting overall resilience and energy balance.

  • Cognitive Clarity: Ginkgo's cognitive benefits contribute to mental clarity and focus, enhancing overall energy and productivity.

  • Antioxidant Boost: The inclusion of lycium berries and other antioxidants helps combat oxidative stress, supporting your body's natural energy-producing processes.

How to Use:

Follow the recommended dosage instructions to seamlessly incorporate Energy Rebuilder Tincture into your daily routine. Whether you're navigating a demanding day or seeking a natural boost, this tincture is your key to revitalized energy and well-being.

Reignite Your Vitality with Energy Rebuilder Tincture. Order Now for Sustained Natural Energy!


Organic grain alcohol, water, organic and wild crafted herbs of:  burdock, dandelion, fo-ti, ginkgo, gotu kola, licorice, lycium berries, nettle, oats, Siberian ginseng.  Alcohol content 55% Shake before each use: Use 1 to 3 times per day, 20 drops (half a dropper full). Best if used under the tongue and held for 30 seconds, but can also be added to juice, water or hot tea.