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Fibro Freedom - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

Fibro Freedom - Loose Leaf Herbal Tea

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‘Medicus curat, natura sanat’ –
‘The doctor treats, but natures heals’


Our herbal teas are designed to rejuvenate your system on all levels. Mind, body, spirit.
  • Organic and Wild Crafted Herbs
  • Naturally Caffeine Free
  • Promotes Relief From Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia
  • Loose leaf tea provides 40-60 servings
For the millions of suffers of Fibromyalgia, relief can feel dubious… The truth is there ARE things that WILL make a difference! Starting with this tea which is designed to feed your body, revitalize your system, improve sleep patterns, and aid in pain relief. The herbs chosen for this tea will work in a synergetic formula to enhance the effectiveness.



Organic and wildcrafted herbs of:
Sarsaparilla, nettles, California poppy, ashwangdha, raspberry leaf, wild yam, burdock root, ginger, & oats.
  • You will use about 1 teaspoon per 8 ounces. You can adjust this to your own taste.
    1 bag of our tea will typically make 40 - 60 - 8 ounce servings.

    To brew your tea-
    To extract the essence out of herbal teas, they must be brewed in water that is at or near boiling and for a duration of 5 - 7 minutes. For a more medicinal effect steep 15-30 minutes. Will keep refrigerated for 24 hours.

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