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Eucalyptus Body Spray


A pleasant surprise for your senses, this brilliant hydrosol is softly camphoraceous with green undertones. It is easily recognizable with characteristic eucalyptus accents, but is not as potent and breathe taking as the essential oil.

Combine eucalyptus hydrosol with rosemary or peppermint for a refreshing spritzer. Blood orange and lavandin hydrosols will round out the sharp edges of the eucalyptus creating a softer base for body care and room sprays. For an extra boost of diffuser blends during the winter season use eucalyptus hydrosol as a replacement for the water in your diffuser and use as directed.

Our Eucalyptus Hydrosol is produced via water-steam distillation of Eucalyptus globulus leaves.

Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus Leaf) Water

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