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Night Time Leg Calm Wellness Oil
Certified Organic Night Time Leg Calm for Restless Leg Syndrome

  • 2 fl oz bottle
  • Certified Organic
  • No drug interactions
  • No side effects
  • Non habit forming
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No synthetic fragrances
  • No synthetic preservatives
  • No petroleum based ingredients
  • Gentle, safe and effective
  • Never tested on animals
  • While generally regarded as safe after the first trimester when pregnant, it's always a good idea to check with your doctor before using any product.
  • Safe to use on children over the age of two.
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Description Instructions Ingredients

Restless Leg Syndrome Treatment With All Natural and Organic Ingredients

Night Time Leg Calm for Restless Leg Syndrome and Periodic Limb Movement.

Relieves Restless Leg Syndrome on contact within minutes when applied to the lower spine and surrounding muscles.
It reduces pain and inflammation, and works with the central nervous system to calm it and allow your body and legs to relax.
For most people, this bottle should last 2 to 6 months depending on how often you use it.

Night Time Leg Calm offers immediate relief from the following symptoms:

  • The irritating sensation to move your legs.
  • An uncomfortable sensation in your legs and or the need to get up and walk.
  • A jerking movement in your legs or arms, especially when you lie down to rest or sleep.

This product can be used during the day as well, and for those who suffer from a “restless arm syndrome” this can be massaged into your neck and surrounding muscles.

Night Time Leg Calm Wellness Oil

Night Time Leg Calm was created by accident one night over 6 years ago and has continued to amaze people with it’s simple yet effective formula ever since. The formula works by harnessing the power of nature in reducing pain and inflammation while working with the central nervous system. While many find it hard to understand how natural formulas can offer such relief, we challenge you to give it a try. And, we remind you that most modern medicines start with nature. As you listen to the news next time and hear how a new drug is created, listen to what the drug was originally created from. Most of the time, it was from some type of plant, whether by land or sea… we just left out the synthetic part and kept our formula natural… Our products are all used topically. So, there are no pills to swallow. Again, we have people who are confused by the formulas. With any of our pain formulas, think Bengay, Aspercreme. Our formulas are no different once again; we are just using a natural formula instead. For more information on how our Wellness Oils work see our section on “How Wellness Oils Work”

To use this product: Apply 2 - 3 pumps of oil into the palm of your hand (about the size of a nickel). Rub onto your lower back - the exact area is not important, just the lower back region and muscles surrounding this area.
Within a few minutes, you should feel a “calm” move throughout your back and legs. Reapply if needed.

  • Here's what just some of our customers are saying:

  • I have been using your Blood Sugar Support Oil for about the last 3 months and it has brought my blood sugars down significantly. My doctor is happy with the results as well. I also use the Painful Joints Oil...I couldn't live without that one! The Night Time Leg Calm works every time for my RLS. I also use the Blood Pressure oil with good results. Thank you for such wonderful products and your service is excellent. I'm a fairly new customer and I feel very comfortable with your company. You are very friendly people! I am 66 years old and try to live healthy and to put only good things into and on my body. I feel that your products will do that for me. I live on a budget as I am retired and would like to use more of your oils but for now I am happy with those that need to be at the top of my list. AD

  • Good prices and products that actually work (much to my amazement). I was very skeptical at first, but tried the sample and was pleasantly surprised at how well it seems to work. KD- West Haven, CT

  • Incredible products that I can't live without....great prices..and shipping so fast I can't believe how quickly my order arrives. Consistent perfection. Thank you. CA- Wauconda, IL

  • Just a quick note to thank you for the samples you sent with my order.....I was saying to someone just the other day that customer service is one seems to care if they do a good job or not or even if the customer is happy, but you proved to me there are still people who take pride in their work....It was very kind of you to include those samples, thank you.

  • I have been very impressed with Natures Wellness Oils. Everything is as ordered, decent price, quick delivery...and I really like the products I have tried so far. Next test is that I am going to email them and ask for some information about the use of one of their product....that would fall under the Customer Service area. Hopefully that will be a good experience as well! MM- Hayden ID

  • I've been using Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure oils and they work well. AA- San Diego CA

  • YOUR OILS ARE GREAT. i am ordering for a friend. LM- LInthicum MD

  • The Natures Inventory staff consistently gives prompt customer service replies to my inquiries by e-mail, which I appreciate very much. I received my order very quickly over the mail even with the free shipping offer. The detailed descriptions and testimonies from customers online were very helpful with my purchase decisions. I am a new customer, and have already returned less than a week later from my purchase to place another order from Natures Inventory ~I am thanking God that the oils really work!

  • I purchased this product for my 80 yr old mother who has meds for restless leg. The medications either took a long time to work or they did not work at all. I ordered a sample of Night Time Leg Calm and it worked!!! Yeah.. I'm putting in an order today for more. My sister also has Restless Leg and has to sleep in another room so she does not keep her husband up. I called her right away to let her know about this product. Thanks so much. Being the care taker for my mother this product makes it so much easier. JV- Pompton Lakes NJ

  • I love your Night Time Leg Calm. It was like a miracle to finally get to sleep before 3 or 4 in the morning. Once applied it worked within minutes. I have used it for over a year, and now I only have to use it occasionally. Thank you. PS- Asheboro NC

  • leg calm is fantastic, after battling RLS for 4yrs, and medication only slightly helping, my husband experienced a "good nights sleep" after the FIRST application. always the skeptic, I'm a believer and telling everyone who will listen. JB- Tecumseh KS

  • I tried the free sample of your Night Time Leg Calm and it has worked wonders. I have been plagued with restless legs for years but have resisted another prescription drug. I have to say I was very skeptical about the oil. I found it doing online research on RLS and hey, the sample was free. I can't believe how well it works. Immediately after applying, my legs settle down and I can get right to sleep. I highly recommend this product and have decided to try some of your other products as well, hence this order. PR- Blacksburg VA



  • I ordered the free sample of the nighttime leg calm oil and I was absolutely sold on it. I have lived with RLS for most of my life but it only occurred a few times a year. Since my total knee replacement, I was having RLS several times a week. Nighttime leg calm works and it allows me the sleep I need to recover from the surgery. Thank you so much! I have recommended it to both my children who seem to have inherited it from me. BB- Prescott Valley AZ

  • I love your oils! All but two have worked wonderfully for me, so well that I'm back for refills and a few others besides. Many natural things DON'T work for me (I choose not to take prescription drugs) so I am thrilled beyond words for how well yours do.

  • I have Fibromyalgia, Degenerative Disk Disease, Osteo-arthritis and a few other things as well. Your oils give me the relief I need and help me function much better with a lot less stress and pain. Thank you!!! LT- Bigfork, MT

  • I am impressed with Natures Inventory products and experience with ordering from them. The products WORK! My products arrived ahead of time, and I will order from them for all my essential oil needs. B. Lane, Colorado

  • I received my free sample and I'm impressed. It works!!!!! DT- Dripping Springs TX

  • The oils are lovely, and really do help. The Night Time Leg Calm stops my husband 'running' all night, that's amazing and we both get restful sleep. WW- Kailua Kona HI

  • Thank you so much. I can't live without the Nightime Leg Calm which works about 85% of the time. Stops it cold. The Mega Headache helps my daughter & my husband's arthritis pain is reduced by the Joint Pain Relief. I can't wait to try the blood sugar & the Skinny. Will let you know if they work. Keep up the good work & the sales you run help tremendously! AB- Winston salem NC

  • The night-time leg oil is a miracle oil. I have suffered RLS for 50 years and take two prescription drugs for years and neither help completely. The oil you sell gives me a RLS free night and I am sleeping all night for the first time in I don't know how long. Thank you so much.

  • i was skeptical when i read about the "night time leg calm" especially being a registered nurse, but because i often times have felt so restless in my legs at night, finding them wanting to move sooo frequently, and disturbing my ability to go to sleep, i thought i would ask for a free sample since it was offered! i have used it - sparingly to make the sample last - since i received it, and IT DOES WORK! so i am now eagerly awaiting my larger bottle! thanks again for a truly reliable product that has helped me so much!

  • Add me to your list of unbelievably satisfied users of Night Time Leg Calm. It works for me and it works for the friends I have told about it.

  • I have had RLS for years no medication worked well, even the new ones. One night at the computer because I couldn't sleep I was researching and found your web site on a Google Search and ordered the Free Sample. The night I had received the sample was a bad night. RLS and leg cramps from low potassium. My legs were spasming so bad I could barley stand. I grabbed the sample bottle not expecting anything and as I rubbed it on my back I felt immediate relief. I thought I was dreaming!!! But no it stopped the RLS and leg spasms immediately. What a relief. I was expecting another sleepless night, in pain. Instead I am sleeping well. Thank you.

  • I have suffered from RLS for years, tried RX drugs to no avail except they made me sleep too much. I have been rubbing in on my husbands back at night and he says he sleeps so much better even though he does not suffer from RLS as I do. Since starting to use Leg Calm, I sleep all night. My husband can not believe the difference and neither can I. I have recommended and purchased bottles for my brother-in-law and nephew and hope they have the same success that I have. Thank you for providing such a wonderful product. I have ordered several more to try and look forward to using them as well. Your Night Time Leg Calm has been a real "God-send". Cannot believe how quickly it works and know I'll never be without it. Thank you for a wonderful product.

  • I just want to say that my husband stumbled across your website in the process of researching RLS. I have struggled with this malady for a few years and the symptoms were gradually becoming worse. One night I was almost in tears as restless night after restless night was taking it’s toll on me and I was putting off the inevitable (having to take a prescription drug) because I just didn’t want to get caught up in the prescription world and have to deal with doctors, pharmacists and drug side effects. Although skeptical, I ordered a bottle of your Restless Leg Calm. I’ve never even heard of a company offering to refund the ‘shipping costs’ along with the cost for a product the customer was not happy with, so I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose! I couldn’t believe that I slept through the night the first night after applying the oil. I figured it was just a fluke, so tried the oil again the next night and the next, all nights turning out to be restful nights without the leg jerking and tossing and turning all night long. In two weeks I only had to get up twice to apply oil directly on my leg, but I am definitely a believer!!! I have since ordered 3 bottles of different oils and am in the process of trying them out and am so excited about the possibilities, especially after reading all the testimonials. I have had friends try to get me to sell Herbal Life, Monavie, various cosmetics, but between the cost of the product and my lack of enthusiasm, I would not even give it a thought. But your oils are another matter! I still have more of the oils I want to try. If I am a “believer” and am enthused, it would be a simple matter to convince others. Thanks so much for your professionalism, your customer service and prompt response. Blessings to you and your staff!!!!!

  • I will tell you that a very good friend of min e has been using g Essential Oils SLEEP AID and has been able to eliminate the pharmaceutical Klonopin. That is HUGE!! Also my husband, (82 years old….just had quadruple bypass a month Ago....doing very well, we are 'newlyweds!! well, 4 years..!) I apply the Sleep Aid as directed, also a tiny bit on either temple, it is very helpful for him! So, there are some of my 'testimonials' so far! Bravo to you and your company! I'll keep in touch periodically and let you know how I find products as I purchase them. I originally began w/ Leg Calm as I have RLS and when offered Requip and inquired of possible side-effects and the doc said, 'hallucinations. auditory and visual' reading this from the PDR I said, "no thanks." Your product has about 80% calmed my RLS. And hopefully, I'll get to 100% But 80% Hallucination free is terrific dontcha think??!! Have a great day!

  • I used the sample of Night Time Leg Calm you recently sent me. It worked great! I discovered what RLS was a few years ago by researching it on the web. I've had it since I was about 10 years old. As an adult it's gotten worse, and I didn't want to take medication for it, and was so glad to find a natural remedy for RLS! Thank you so much for a great product!

  • These oils really do work especially the joint support and night time leg calm. Be open minded it and try them. You will be surprised.

  • My niece has taken medication for the restless legs for years, quickly building immunity to all needing higher doses and very little relief. She is now using your oils. WOW. First night was total abstinence of problem and now sleeping and resting completely. Her and her husband are so happy with this miracle fix. And the great benefit is no drugs to affect her liver, etc. Thank you from all of her family members.

  • I'm a new fan! I recently purchased a bottle of the Night Time leg calm because I have Restless Leg Syndrome and it worked like a charm! After 2 months of being on the prescription drug, Requip, which also worked for a while, but then I developed a lot of the side effects, I decided to try your product. Am I glad I did.

  • I bought your Night Time Leg Calm as I was going crazy with restless leg syndrome and I am one, very happy camper, as I can go to bed at night without my legs jumping or moving constantly. Thank you VERY, VERY much. I am in your debt!!


  • I love your Nigh Time Leg Calm; I can't wait to use your other products. Thank you

  • Thank you for sample of night time leg calm: it has helped me.

  • Your oils are amazing - I have gotten so many good results from them. My Dad can sleep thru the night with the Night-Time Leg Calm - it is wonderful. I am trying to introduce your oils to as many people as possible - these oils are a miracle.

  • By the way, it's very smart to offer samples to skeptics like me because I never would've tried your products otherwise, even with the money-back guarantee. I've had RLS since I was very young and nothing really helped (including prescription drugs). I ordered a sample of Leg Calm and it worked so well I bought 4 bottles. Now I've decided to try a few more of your oils (21)! Thanks for the relief.

  • Loving the leg calm. Use to suffer nightly restless legs, now I may get them once a week, and once the oil is applied they restlessness is gone almost immediately.

  • This product is unbelievable. I can't believe how great it works. It's instantaneous. Thank you!

  • The shaky leg oil WORKS GREAT, it helps my jumpy legs settle down. Thank you so very much!

  • thanks for an excellent product line

  • Fantastic results. The prescribing physician for Mirapex and Requip asked for information as did the comedian counselor who is an MD.

  • Hello, my name is Christine and I live in Indianapolis Indiana... I have to write you to let you know that your "Night Time Leg Calm" is pretty much a miracle in a bottle. I have RLS really bad and I recently found out that I was pregnant so I had to be taken off of the medication that I was taking for it. I ordered the oil and it came in 2 days but let me tell you the 2 nights that I did not have it I got no sleep. My legs kept me awake all night long. When I received the oil, I of course used it the first night and kept my fingers crossed that it would work. I have to be honest and say I did not think it would and as I went to bed that night I kept waiting for my legs to get that creepy crawling feeling and they never did. I realized the next morning that I has fallen asleep and had no problems with my legs all night. That is why I say it is a miracle in a bottle. I am so thankful for you for this oil because I have now used it every night and so far I have had no problems! I did not know how I was going to get through my pregnancy and not be able to take the medication for my RLS, but now I have an answer! Thank you so much! p.s. I also get migraines, so I ordered the mega headache oil and at the first sign of a migraine I use it and it works! I love this stuff!

  • ---- My Sleep Disorder doctor told me only sleeping pills would work for me for my Restless Leg Syndrome. We tried diet changes etc with no luck. I've taken sleeping pills every night for years. I tried Night Time Leg Calm with 1/2 dose of sleeping pill and it worked! Then I dropped the sleeping pill completely and just used Leg Calm and that worked too! Now I'm not tired during the day. Next I'm going to try the Blood Pressure oils. Thanks so much. I'm a believer now.

  • ---- I have to write you to let you know that your "Night Time Leg Calm" is pretty much a miracle in a bottle. I have RLS really bad and I recently found out that I was pregnant so I had to be taken off of the medication that I was taking for it. I ordered the oil and it came in 2 days but let me tell you the 2 nights that I did not have it I got no sleep. My legs kept me awake all night long. When I received the oil, I of course used it the first night and kept my fingers crossed that it would work. I have to be honest and say I did not think it would and as I went to bed that night I kept waiting for my legs to get that creepy crawling feeling and they never did. I realized the next morning that I has fallen asleep and had no problems with my legs all night. That is why I say it is a miracle in a bottle. I am so thankful for you for this oil because I have now used it every night and so far I have had no problems! I did not know how I was going to get through my pregnancy and not be able to take the medication for my RLS, but now I have an answer! Thank you so much

    ---- Night Time Leg Calm is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm only 27 but I've lost hundreds of hours of sleep over the years because of my annoying left leg. I researched RLS only to learn there was no cure or treatment. Then a prescription remedy finally came out and I was so excited to try it. I got a prescription from my doctor and went straight to the pharmacy- it cost $161 a month WITH insurance! I did not purchase it and was actually glad b/c I really don't like putting chemicals into my body. I went home and searched online again, this time I Googled "natural RLS remedy" and found Nature's Inventory Night Time Leg Calm. At only $15.95 for a large bottle I was willing to give it a try. The day my package arrived (which was very quickly) I actually hoped that my leg would act up just so I could use the oil. Well it did and I did...and it worked! Just like many other people, I was not convinced after one successful night but sure enough, night after night, it completely stops my RLS in its tracks. It's been about 3 months and I still can't believe how quickly and how well it works! What's even better is that this product is 100% natural, it's not ingested, and there are zero side effects- it just doesn't get any better! To Nature's Inventory, thank you so very much for Night Time Leg Calm. Now if my husband would only stop snoring....

  • ---- I am so glad that I found your website and tried your product. Wow, I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours some nights, mostly around 8 hours a night, I can even rest in the evenings and can take naps. Over time my restless legs hurt in the morning, it was pain that woke me daily. I hurt all afternoon and evening until I took the Sinemet and within one hour I was dead asleep, then wake in pain again. For years and years I did this. I was so miserable. I also had "restless legs" in my upper arms, every day! And of course there were other adverse side effects of the different medications, plus the cost!!!

  • ---- I can't find the words to express my joy in using your products. The miracle of peaceful rest, thank you for making Night Time Leg Calm. A few drops rubbed on my back every evening, it's so easy, it smells sooo good, IT WORKS! And the Back Soothe takes care of any other ache or pain.

  • This was a very pleasant experience with Natures Inventory. All of their products are of a very high quality and packaged/shipped beautifully! I would also like to comment on their Night Time Leg Calm oil for those of us with restless leg syndrome. My husband thought I was a little crazy for buying this stuff and said it would never work. Well, since he’s been using it, he swears that he no longer has back or leg pain. In fact, he can tell if I forget to put it on him some nights. My husband is a creature of habit and doesn’t like to try new things, but he now SWEARS that this stuff works. We will be buying the Night-time leg calm for as long as Natures Inventory will sell it. So PLEASE do not stop making this wonderful remedy!!!!

  • The Wellness oil for Restless legs worked really fast, within the 1/2 hour for me. I is working pretty well for me, but I have to use it as soon as the restless legs begin or in my hands. I put the oil on the neck area for my hands. After having restless for over 45 years is aerie to know this oil can help. Thank you, for letting me express my opinion.

  • Its very nice to get one of those miracle cures that actually works. Thanks for the fast shipping. I will be shopping with you again I can guarantee!

  • The product has helped greatly. My RLS has not affected me since I have started using the product. Thanks

  • Fantastic products. Leg Calm has literally saved my life. I can sleep again! Bless Them!

  • ---- I am not one to endorse products as a rule, but you are the exception to the rule. I am a believer. Sign me, Cyndy

  • ---- I truly don't understand how this oil works, but it works wonderfully. I have battled restless leg for years even before they had a name for it. Thank you!!!

  • Dear Natures Inventory!
    I am a breast cancer patient and have been weaning myself off of a powerful pain medication, which, thankfully, I no longer need. For three weeks, I have been absolutely plagued with severe restless legs syndrome all through the night, losing much-needed sleep! One night, in my desperate suffering, I searched the net and found your site and info on the Night Time Leg Calm essential oil blend. Being a budding reflexologist, I felt confident in your product and ordered it immediately. I began using it two nights ago and found immediate results allowing me to sleep 80% better!!! I am so thankful and grateful!! I am sharing this information with everyone who crosses my Healing Path! J. Chait, Baltimore, Maryland


  • "I have suffered from fibromyalgia, arthritis, back problems and rls for over 8 years now. The rls had gotten so bad nothing I took, (and I am on some pretty strong medications) helped with rls. I got my bottle yesterday, put it on before I went to bed, and no more kicking and loss of sleep from rls. This product is truly a miracle! I have never really believed in natural remedies, but I certainly will try some of your other products now. I am telling everyone I know about this." Billie B.

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Restless Legs January 13, 2017
Reviewer: Betty Ford from St. George, UT United States  
I have used this product for many years.  It is helpful when I am trying to sleep and my legs don't want to relax.  It definitely helps quickly and I can settle and sleep.  Sometimes I don't need it when I go to sleep but may need it after I awaken to use the bathroom.  I keep a bottle in the bathroom and apply in the middle of the night and go to sleep very relaxed and quickly as well.

ALSO, I just want Natures Inventory to know that their new packaging is so lovely.  I was surprised when I opened the package and saw the new tube boxes.  Immediately I thought, 'who could I give this too.'  It looks like a gift.  And I will be ordering as gifts for others.  Love the packaging.....

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Love it! July 17, 2015
Reviewer: Kim from Howell, NJ United States  
I tried a lot of products for my RLS but nothing worked.  While visiting my Massage Therapist I mentioned how I could never sleep because of it and how nothing ever seemed to work.  She highly recommended your Night Time Leg Calm Oil.  I ordered it and much to my surprise it worked!  I have been using it for years now.  I don't know what I would do without it!  Best product ever!

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Restless Leg oil testimonial November 3, 2014
Reviewer: Amy E from Phoenix, AZ  
While pregnant with my 2nd child, I developed Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) almost every night. It was driving me crazy. A Google search found this product and I figured I had nothing to lose. I could not believe the results! Within 10 minutes, it was GONE! I used it during my 3rd pregnancy and afterwards with the same result. I will not be without this wonderful oil blend. Thank you so much!

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Thank you! February 13, 2014
Reviewer: Kathi Stufflebean  
I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how this product has saved my sanity. In June 2013 the doctor diagnosed me with severe nerve damage in my right leg. This is VERY painful and has caused my leg and foot to hurt all the time. Well to make a long story short I would spend most nights just crying until I fell asleep  Then one day I saw an ad for a free sample of your Night Time Leg Calm Wellness Oil so I thought "Why not, I got nothing to lose." and I sent off for it. First I couldn't believe how fast it came and then I tried it and let me tell you... I slept the whole night and it really has calmed the pain down quite a bit. I still need my medication but the oil works to calm the nerves from pulling at my foot. When my husband rubs it on the spot above my spine I can feel it in my foot and the relief is amazing.
Well I guess that's all I wanted to say. Hope maybe it helps others that are going insane with pain.

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I just can't put it in words how happy I am July 1, 2013
Reviewer: Angela J from Snohomish, WA United States  
I picked up a bottle of this almost a week ago. And have been using it every night. I am Diabetic and also have Fybro (along with other health problems) I normally can only get 3-4hrs of sleep before I wake up with my feet and legs hurting. I end up having to take 2 Oxycodone and go back to bed to get a couple more hours. But now I don't have to. I'm getting 6-7hrs and wake up with NO PAIN! I just can't put it into words how grateful I am that I found this oil. THANK YOU so very much for making it...

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