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Jasmine & Lavender Oils Give You Natural Sleep Help

A restful nightís sleep is a key to your long-term health, not to mention your ability to get through your day. Thatís why people will go to such great lengths to get a good nightís sleep ever night. And thatís why so many people rely on prescription medications or other artificial aids get to sleep. But thing about it. Do you really want to be taking all those drugs to sleep? Wouldnít it be better if there were a natural sleep aid you could use instead?

Thankfully, researchers have discovered that there are natural sleep aids which make it possible for people to get deep, restful sleep at night. Several years ago, research published in the journal Chronobiology International found that lavender essential oil, when inhaled, behaves like a gentle sedative, making it easier to go to sleep and promoting deeper sleep. The study reported that when people inhaled the scent of lavender, they::

  • Increased the amount of time they were in a deep sleep
  • Decreased the amount of time they spent in Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep
  • Felt more rested and energized in the morning

To sum up the results of the study, when men and women were exposed to lavender oil at bedtime, they had deeper sleep and felt the benefits of better sleep the next day. These results are similar to those found a few years earlier, when test subjects were exposed to the scent of jasmine at bedtime, making the combination of lavender and jasmine promising as safe, all natural sleep help without the use of potentially dangerous or addictive sleeping pills.

While there are many ways you could bring the scents of lavender and jasmine to your bedroom, one easy approach is to apply an oil containing them before you go to bed. Simply applying a few drops of oil to your chest or shoulders would surround you with the therapeutic scents all night, providing natural sleep help with a minimum of hassles.

Youíre not likely to find certified-organic natural sleep help (with or without jasmine and lavender) at a chain pharmacy. One great option is to try Natureís Inventory Natural Sleep Aid, a certified organic, vegan Wellness Oil that combines jasmine and lavender and other soothing natural oils to help you savor a deep, relaxing nightís sleep without drugs or pills.


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