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Environment-  At Nature’s Inventory, we have ALWAYS been passionate about the environment.  And this goes back long before “green” became a household word!  From the paper that we use that is not just 10 or 20% recycled, but 100% recycled (we demand it), to the packaging peanuts that we spend three times as much on because they are biodegradable to pack your products in; in everything we do, in every decision we make, we consider our impact on the environment.  We should probably talk about it more, but we just get so busy making products (because we are so passionate about getting to work and doing it to the best of our ability) that sometimes we forget you might need to hear about what’s going on behind the scenes!

According to "The Green Book":

Homeopathic vs. Manufactured Pharmaceuticals
Consider using homeopathic medicines instead of over the counter or prescription pharmaceuticals  to treat medical conditions. The process of manufacturing synthetic drugs emits more than 177 million pound of untreated pollutants into air, water, and soil resources each year. If just 5 % of the population could find a homeopathic remedy for half their medication needs, fewer pollutants - 4.4 million pounds' worth - would make it into the water system.

Try switching to a perfume or cologne that contains natural, pure botanical ingredients. Most conventional fragranced products contain chemicals derived from petroleum and are linked negatively to environmental health effects. Because 800 million pounds of these chemicals are used per year to make fragranced products, they are considered to be one of the most prevalent toxins in the environment.

We Precycle!
Precycling ® is pre-consumer recycling. It involves re-purposing unused surplus goods. It is much more cost effective than recycling which, at best, only returns the price of raw material minus processing costs.
When someone Precycles ®, they are intercepting an item before it becomes waste and puts it to its intended use. This is different from recycling, which is focused on items after they become waste. In both cases the desired end is the same: cutting down on the drain of our natural resources.

Precycling ® is very much an "earth-friendly" concept, to enable and empower manufacturers to cut down on corporate waste.  Precycling ® also helps companies who need those unused components in the same way.

What is the value of Precycling ® ?  We save in the costs involved in shipping unused components to landfills. Beyond that however, the value is priceless. How can you measure in dollars and cents the decreased drain on natural resources or the decreased amounts of waste materials? Certainly we all benefit in ways that cannot be calculated in terms of profit and loss.  
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