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I was totally impressed by how quickly I got the product and equally impressed at how well the night time leg calm worked.

I was total satisfied with the entire process of dealing with The product has made a big difference for my wife who I purchased it for. Now instead of having interupted sleep from RLS she gets a good sound sleep...

I love this product. I am currently 7 months pregnant with my third child and suffer from RSL due to my pregnancy.Every night I was constantly in pain and sleep aids would make sleeping even worse.So I went online to look for medicines that would be safe to take during pregnancy and came across this website. I am a huge skeptic so I tried the free trial version to see if it would even work. To my surprise, I felt a hugh difference in my legs and immediately order the full version a couple of days later. I am so thankful for this oils and will look into ordering more.

By the way, it's very smart to offer samples to skeptics like me because I never would've tried your products otherwise, even with the money-back guarantee. I've had RLS since I was very young and nothing really helped (including prescription drugs). I ordered a sample of Leg Calm and it worked so well I bought 4 bottles. Now I've decided to try a few more of your oils (21)! Thanks for the relief.

I was very doubtful that the oils would work but..........they did to my surprise. I immediately ordered 4 more. They are great and prompt to deal with.

These oils really do work, especially the joint support and night time leg calm. Be open minded it and try them. You will be surprised.

I am a 52 year old active male. I have a very busy lifestyle living in a big city and I don't always eat right. While I tend to watch my food intake my Cholesterol level peaked at 237 when I went for my physical. I was shocked since I went in for what I thought was going to be high blood pressure. My blood pressure was 137/80. My Doctor suggested I change my diet to lower my Cholesterol. I did that, but in addition I ordered your Cholesterol Oil as well as the blood pressure oil. I am also using your thyroid oil. One can never overdose on natural ingredients I say. After 60 days, my blood pressure is a comfortable 110/80 and my cholesterol dropped to 175. So, thanks is not enough, but your products do work and I have recommended them to my friends. Sincerely W. Chicago Il.

I bought your Night Time Leg Calm as I was going crazy with restless leg syndrome and I am one, very happy camper, as I can go to bed at night without my legs jumping or moving constantly. Thank you VERY, VERY much. I am in your debt!!


I love your Nigh Time Leg Calm, I can't wait to use your other products. Thank you

Thank you for sample of night time leg calm: it has helped me.

Your oils are amazing - I have gotten so many good results from them. My Dad can sleep thru the night with the Night-Time Leg Calm - it is wonderful. I am trying to introduce your oils to as many people as possible - these oils are a miracle.

Loving the leg calm. Use to suffer nightly restless legs, now I may get them once a week, and once the oil is applied they restlessness is gone almost immediately.


I love Back Soothe!!! I use it on my neck & shoulders too.


I would recommend this company and their products to everyone. I was searching the internet for information on RSL when I came upon this site that sells natural oils to help with RSL. I have ordered and used Night time leg calm, Back soothe, head soothe, and allergy relief.... I have used the Night time leg calm every night for two months now and I have not had one problem with my legs ( as before I woke numerous times a night with my legs aching and restless), I can sleep through the night without my legs bothering me . Such a blessing this is..... I will continue to use these wonderful products.. Thanks so much....

I had a leg cramp and it was a beauty so I reached for my Back Sooth and rubbed the oil on it and was surprised that it worked immediately. Another time I got a cramp in the arch of my foot and it had the same result.

I have short legs and when I go to plays or sit at my computer too long, I get cramps because my knee joint comes at the edge of the seat and I guess it cuts off the circulation and causes leg problems.

Usually I have done a lot of gardening or going up and down the stairs a lot that day. The muscles are over worked.


It's nerve racking waiting for the cramps to hit when youíre sitting in a row of people and know how painful the cramps are and you can't get out.

Thank you for such a great product.


A Loyal Customer

Fantastic results. The prescribing physician for Mirapex and Requip asked for information as did the comedian counselor who is an MD.

Ive only used them twice but the speed, accuracy and quality of their website and service tell me its a very well run company.

Beginning about four years ago, I began experiencing bouts with insomnia. At first the symptoms weren't that bad, just an occasional restless night of sleep. During the next few years, the symptoms just kept getting worse. The last two months have been exceptionally bad. Many nights I would get about 2 hours sleep and then get up and 4:30 A.M. for a full days work. Many times was unable to go to work because of the lack of sleep. The stress of trying to sleep and watching the clock thinking about how many hours I could sleep I might get was extremely frustrating. During that time I have tried every I could think of to get some relief-but to no avail.

After going to my local physician, he authorized a prescription of Requip. I though this would possibly solve my problem--not really. The side effects of the drug were worse than the RLS. I decided to do a search on natural healing remedies on the internet and discovered Natures Inventory.

I ordered a sample bottle of the Nighttime Leg Calm. Its the best thing I ever did. I experienced immediate relief. Its so great to get a good nights sleep and be able to work the next day without feeling like your half dead.

In addition to the Nighttime Leg Calm, I have tried the arthritis oil and well and the Sleep Aid oil. Both have work very well and I'm totally satisfied with the results.

I can totally recommend Natures Inventory to anyone who needs relief from may common health issues. The folks at Natures Inventory are prompt and very professional. There Websight is very professional and easy to navigate. Nice work !!!

I love your oil for sleepless legs syndrome, it works great! THanks Unfortunately, your sleep well oil doesn't seem to work well for me :-( I keep using it hoping it will work soon.

Love your service and products.

Everywhere along the line the merchant provided service rarely seen today. Order was filled correctly, discount applied as promised, and shipping carried out as described. Packaging of product was perfect, protecting fragile items. Website was set up to be user-friendly. And, so far, product is proving to be of high quality. Did not have need of phone assistance, but it was clearly offered. Overall, this company is doing things right

This product is unbelievable. I can't believe how great it works. It's instantaneous. Thank you!

The shaky leg oil WORKS GREAT, it helps my jumpy legs settle down. Thank you so very much!

Oils are working well. Found that the combination of fluid retention and blood circulation has basically made one of my residents feet normal. The blood sugar works every time. My resident went to the hospital and didn't use blood sugar for awhile. When he returned his sugar was high. He started putting oil on again and it has come down. When he forgets to use it , it is always higher. body ache works on everyone. I sent my aunt in fla . vertigo -- she says it works for her. Skinny doesn't work for me , but works for a co-worker -she has lost 16 pounds with the help of the oil. It makes me more hungry. Anyway, I think you have made believers out of my residents. They were skeptical at first!

thanks for an excellent product line

My niece has taken medication for the restless legs for years, quickly building an immunity to all needing higher doses and very little relief. She is now using your oils. WOW. First night was total absence of problem and now sleeping and resting completely. Her and her husband are so happy with this miracle fix. And the great benefit is no drugs to affect her liver, etc. Thank you from all of her family members.

I'm a new fan! I recently purchased a bottle of the Night Time leg calm because I have Restless Leg Syndrome and it worked like a charm! After 2 months of being on the prescription drug, Requip, which also worked for a while, but then I developed a lot of the side effects, I decided to try your product. Am I glad I did.

I am so thankful I found your website. Its been a month now since I first tried Night Time Leg Calm. I havent had a problem with restless legs or restless arms since then. Ive had restless legs for about 30 years now. The last 10 years have been terrible and the last 3 years I have had restless arms. I no longer dread going to bed or sitting to watch TV or a movie. I had tried Requip but I felt sick every night I took it. It did help but I couldnt take the side effects. Your product is wonderful. Thank you.


the service that i have recieved is excellent. the oils that i purchased work great, i am able to sleep the whole night thru now. i haved used the skinny oil for about 4 days now and it does make me have more energy and i feel a lot better, using natural oils to do the job. thanks so much. GC. NY.

I have suffered with Lupus for 15 years now (just like the founder of this company). I was given some of these oils by a friend of mine and now have been a loyal buyer for almost 2 years. These oils have greatly improved the quality of my life! My pain is often so bad that pain medications, both prescription and over the counter do nothing to relieve it. So imagine my surprise when these oils DID work! I put the oils on and with in minutes my pain has diminished to the point that I can relax and enjoy my family. I was delighted to find these oils and am every time I use them now! I hand these oils out like candy to anyone and everyone I seem to meet that has a health problem. I love the company, I love the people who work there, and I love the oils. I could go on and on but mostly I want to give a big fat thank you and hug to Natureís Inventory for creating these magical little oils!

---- I am a massage therapist in New York and have been using and selling your products with my clients. I have been so happy with the results your products have provided my clients with and I just wanted to tell you about some of them. I have several clients that have been able to completely go off their blood pressure medication after using your blood pressure oil. I have another client that just purchased 3 more bottle of your Joint Support Wellness Oil after purchasing one bottle. For her this was the only thing that has ever worked for her and she was delighted. Another client reported that the Bowel Balance Wellness Oil worked immediately for her and that she is completely regular now and is thrilled. All of my clients that use your Perfect Skin Maturing oil get so many compliments on their skin itís hard to begin describing their reaction. Most report that the comments come in that they look 10 years younger! All of my clients that use the Healthy Nails always tell me that within 2-3 days their nails look and feel so much better that they canít believe it. Lately, Iíve been using the Allergy Relief Wellness Oil and I can honestly say that my allergies are completely gone now. Your products are wonderful, thank you for providing something so wonderful for me to share with my clients!

Jennifer M. Shea Beauty

I have made hundreds of dollars in purchases from this seller, and have always had superb service, excellent products, and great prices from them. Some of the products, including the leg calm and blood pressure Wellness Oils are miraculous. Many others I have not yet fully evaluated, but I can recommend this seller whole-heartedly.

---- I love the back soother oil. It eliminates the pain from "old nurse's back" within minutes.

---- Your restless leg oil is Fantastic. After 6 weeks of use I don't ever have jumpy legs any more. Before it was keeping me up at night and bothering me in the recliner and while driving. i can't understand how it works but I'm glad it does.

---- My wife and I are amazed with the RLS oil. She has suffered with RLS for some years and I have an occasional attack. After searching, in desperation, for relief we found your web site. We admit our skepticism at first but the testimonials won us over so we ordered a bottle. So for less than 1/2 the price of dining out we have found relief. Truly amazing it worked the first night and continues to work for over a month now. We have just ordered 3 bottles of different oils to try and hopefully we'll have the same report. Thank you for making this available.

---- My Sleep Disorder doctor told me only sleeping pills would work for me for my Restless Leg Syndrome. We tried diet changes etc with no luck. I've taken sleeping pills every night for years. I tried Night Time Leg Calm with 1/2 dose of sleeping pill and it worked! Then I dropped the sleeping pill completely and just used Leg Calm and that worked too! Now I'm not tired during the day. Next I'm going to try the Blood Pressure oils. Thanks so much. Iím a believer now.

---- I love your products. I have restless leg syndrome and the only way I could get off Requip was with your night-time leg calm. It is fantastic. Thanks a bunch! I will always recommend your products.

---- When I began to doubt my 5-year diagnosis of Parkinsonís disease, I started looking for other ways to think about my symptoms. One of my most-irritating symptoms is Restless Legsóand sometimes arms. I usually thrash around in bed all night. The trashed state of the king-size bed says it all. So, when I found Night-Time Leg Calm oil on the Internet for just $14.95 for a one- or two-month supply, I felt it was worth a try. When my oil arrived, I pumped a little into my hand, rubbed it on my tail bone, and got into bed to try to take a nap. For once I was able to fall asleep. I awoke a couple of hours later in exactly the same position. The bed was still neat. I felt refreshed, and realized that I had actually slept--and my arms and legs had been so relaxed that I never thrashed around in bed trying to find a reasonable position. The comfort of Night-Time Leg Calm oil continues to make my life better every day. Sally

---- I have tried & LOVE your Night Time Leg Calmness oil. I have suffered with RLS since my teens. I have tried lots of different things, heat/cold packs, Icy Hot, Bengay, nothing really ever helped. I recently began taking Requip 2mg and still wasn't getting results. I don't even remember how I stumbled across your webpage but after reading the testimonial from the 80 year old lady I decided why not try it, what have I got to lose? WOW...finally something that works!! I have actually tried it on a few other aches/pains (I have ganglion cysts on both wrists--4 surgeries total) and it helped there too! Being so satisfied, I decided to try a few more products! THANK YOU!!

---- The "Night Time Leg Calm" has been a God send for my restless legs. I was a Mirapex victim for 5 years and was in desperate need of something to replace it when I quit taking the drug that caused my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Many thanks for this wonderful product. This bottle lasted about 3 months and now I am reordering it along with some of your other products. I only hope they work as well.

---- I have to write you to let you know that your "Night Time Leg Calm" is pretty much a miracle in a bottle. I have RLS really bad and I recently found out that I was pregnant so I had to be taken off of the medication that I was taking for it. I ordered the oil and it came in 2 days but let me tell you the 2 nights that I did not have it I got no sleep. My legs kept me awake all night long. When I received the oil, I of course used it the first night and kept my fingers crossed that it would work. I have to be honest and say I did not think it would and as I went to bed that night I kept waiting for my legs to get that creepy crawling feeling and they never did. I realized the next morning that I has fallen asleep and had no problems with my legs all night. That is why I say it is a miracle in a bottle. I am so thankful for you for this oil because I have now used it every night and so far I have had no problems! I did not know how I was going to get through my pregnancy and not be able to take the medication for my RLS, but now I have an answer! Thank you so much!

Christine, Indiana

---- I am another satisfied customer of your Restless Legs cure you call Night Time Leg Calm. I have suffered for over 14 years with an ever worsening case of restless legs. Of course, it started infrequent and mild and progressed over the years to very painful, every night. My MD tried to help with a variety of medications over the years. I began with Quinine, on to Klonopin, various antidepressants, Sinemet, Neurontin, and the most I could ever count on was four to five hours of sleep, a medicated sleep. I have tried chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, hot baths, heating pads, homeopathic pills, herbs and on and on.

---- Night Time Leg Calm is the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm only 27 but I've lost hundreds of hours of sleep over the years because of my annoying left leg. I researched RLS only to learn there was no cure or treatment. Then a prescription remedy finally came out and I was so excited to try it. I got a prescription from my doctor and went straight to the pharmacy- it cost $161 a month WITH insurance! I did not purchase it and was actually glad b/c I really don't like putting chemicals into my body. I went home and searched online again, this time I Googled "natural RLS remedy" and found Nature's Inventory Night Time Leg Calm. At only $14.95 for a large bottle I was willing to give it a try. The day my package arrived (which was very quickly) I actually hoped that my leg would act up just so I could use the oil. Well it did and I did...and it worked! Just like many other people, I was not convinced after one successful night but sure enough, night after night, it completely stops my RLS in its tracks. It's been about 3 months and I still can't believe how quickly and how well it works! What's even better is that this product is 100% natural, it's not ingested, and there are zero side effects- it just doesn't get any better! To Nature's Inventory, thank you so very much for Night Time Leg Calm. Now if my husband would only stop snoring....

---- I am so glad that I found your website and tried your product. Wow, I have been sleeping 10 to 12 hours some nights, mostly around 8 hours a night, I can even rest in the evenings and can take naps. Over time my restless legs hurt in the morning, it was pain that woke me daily. I hurt all afternoon and evening until I took the Sinemet and within one hour I was dead asleep, then wake in pain again. For years and years I did this. I was so miserable. I also had "restless legs" in my upper arms, every day! And of course there were other adverse side effects of the different medications, plus the cost!!!

---- I can't find the words to express my joy in using your products. The miracle of peaceful rest, thank you for making Night Time Leg Calm. A few drops rubbed on my back every evening, it's so easy, it smells sooo good, IT WORKS! And the Back Soothe takes care of any other ache or pain.

---- I am not one to endorse products as a rule, but you are the exception to the rule. I am a believer. Sign me, Cyndy

---- I truly don't understand how this oil works, but it works wonderfully. I have battled restless leg for years even before they had a name for it. Thank you!!!

---- I love the RLS oil. First night (and every night thereafter) I got immediate relief. Usually I will snuggle for a few minutes but then can't wait to get to my side of the bed so I can move those legs - all night long. Last night we fell asleep snuggling! First time in nearly 20 years! Thank you so much for a great product.

Amy - Galveston, TX

---- I called after using this product for about a week to find out how to go about getting a refund, as it wasn't working. I was advised to continue for a couple of weeks to allow my body to recognize the oil & its properties. Well am I glad I spoke to that woman!!!! I was putting it on several times during the day, and throughout the night. And now I'm happy to report a 100% improvement!!! Its been so long since I've struggled with this all day and night, causing pretty bad pain all the way up my legs, one at a time most of the time. Every muscle up to my hip contracted severely. My foot & leg would even raise up off the floor whether I was sitting or standing (it was scary when it happened when I was driving!!). I have been completely free of these spasms & jerking for a few weeks now. I'll never be without it again. I never want to be without this essential oil blend, EVER. I'm thinking I'll sign up for the distributor program. I've already introduced one person to it. With much gratitude for developing this and putting it out there for the suffers of RLS. Sincerely, KO.

---- My daughter bought Nature's Inventory High Blood Pressure Wellness Oil and it has reduced her blood pressure to 120/80. She has reduced her prescribed medication and still maintains the same bp. She brought your oil to her doctor and he wants your name and address to tell his other patients about it.

---- My wife greatly depends on your blood pressure oil.

---- I had to email to tell you of the great difference that your oils have made. My son's blood pressure was 158/98, 142/90, 142/90 as he was trying to qualify for school sports. After using the oil for just a few weeks, his blood pressure was 120/62!!! Glorious success!! Thank you ever so kindly!!!

---- Hi, I recently purchased your Blood Pressure oil, and it works!!! I'm so excited because I'm on blood pressure medication, and I've been having trouble keeping my blood pressure consistent even with the blood pressure medication (nothing against medications, but they can have lots of side effects, and they don't always work). I'm going to talk with my doctor about lowering the dosage on my blood pressure. I'm also going to start eating healthier and walking more (I only live about 1 1/2 mile from work). This is the first time in years that I've felt hopeful an optimistic about getting healthier! Thank you so much for your product! I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer, and I'm going to recommend your products to family and friends!!

Sincerely, D. L.

---- I have not been able to keep my blood pressure down for a long time, no matter what medication or herb I took. This actually works! It took two 'squirts', not one, but IT WORKS! Thank you.

---- I just had to write to tell you that your Blood Pressure Wellness Oil has had a profound effect on my life. I was on medication for my high blood pressure, and I really was uncomfortable taking it. I experienced daily side effects from it and although I tried many drugs non of them seemed to be a pleasant experience. I purchased your Blood Pressure Wellness Oil on a whim thinking ďwhat the heck, itís only $15Ē. To my surprise, it worked immediately. Slowly, I reduced my blood pressure medication and as of today, only 2 weeks into using your oil, I no longer need to take my blood pressure meds at all. I showed it to my doctor (who didnít believe it would do much for me) and as far as Iím concerned the proof is in my low blood pressure!!! Iím trilled to report that I have no side effects and Iím feeling better then I have in years!!

---- As a doctor I see all sorts of crazy products designed to promote health. Nature's Inventory is one of those few products that actually works. I was first introduced to Nature's Inventory through one of my patientís when using the blood pressure wellness oil. I was amazed by the results that this patient of mine had by only using the oil once daily. I now mention this oil and direct many patients to buy directly from their web site. The oils always arrive within days and I haven't had an unsatisfied patient yet.

---- I am a pilot and always have to have my blood pressure monitored to fly. Five years ago I had to start taking blood pressure medication. Two months ago I found this oil and no longer need my medication at all. It has dropped my blood pressure to 105/70. I prefer this oil to taking pills. I continue to regulate my blood pressure, and it's still keeping it down.

---- I used this for the first time today. I put my blood pressure cuff on my arm to watch to see if it would work and right before my eyes my blood pressure came down! Cool! Thank you, and I love your products.

---- I bought your High Blood Pressure Oil and my blood pressure has gone from 154 / 105 to 124 / 74, taken this evening. Thank you so much for your natural products and caring spirit. Kathy C.

---- Before your Blood Pressure oil, my BP was 160/120, while using your oil twice daily, I have reduced my BP to 117/88 WOW!

---- This product really works. I don't know how, but it does. Even my doctor is now trying it on his other patients because I have had such success with it!

---- Natureís Inventoryís Wellness Oils are like nothing I have ever experienced before. Iím in love with this company and the way that they do business. First and foremost their products really work. That alone is amazing to me. I have searched for natural therapies for the past 20 years. I have tried all sorts of products that just didnít deliver. With Natureís Inventory I have had the complete opposite experience. Not only do their products work, they work REALLY well! And they work fast! Most natural products can take months to see results. Most of the products that I have used from Natureís Inventory work within minutes of using them. Now thatís FAST! Natureís Inventory also works with great integrity. Iíve only tried 2 products that did not work for me and I returned them. The company took the products back, asked no questions and had my refund issued within a week. Itís nice to know itís so easy to make a return when I need it. I donít like to waste money any more then the next guy, and in my years of doing business with natural product companies, Iíve never been treated so well.

---- This is a list of the products Iíve been blown away by the results from and would recommend to anyone (either I have used these oils or one of my clients has used the oil): Night Time Leg Calm, Blood Pressure Wellness, Blood Sugar Wellness, Nerve Soothe, Sciatic Soothe, Tremor Support, Painful Joints, Bowel Balance, Joint Support, Cholesterol Support, Cellulite, Blood Circulation, Body Ache Relief, Back Soothe, Head Soothe, Mega Headache, Mega Heart, Varicose Veins, Zits Split.

---- I have used Night Time Leg Calm and found it to work beyond my expectations so my wife asked me to order your Sciatic Soothe. I hope that it is just as effective. Thank you for being available.

---- I have tried your Night Time Leg Calm and it really works!

---- Restless Leg Oil works like magic. Finally enjoying a night's sleep without tossing and turning!

---- Your stuff is amazing, now I don't have to cut my legs off!

---- I started using your leg cramp oil and the first night I used it it calmed my legs. Great product. I am now trying some other oils. Thanks!

---- Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I used the NTLC oil last night for the first time. I didn't think it was going to do anything but, to my shocked amazement it worked. My legs didn't move, didn't have to move, didn't want to move. It took me an hour to fall a sleep because I couldn't fathom my legs not shacking. I'm very much looking forward to going to bed tonight. WOW!!!!!!!! J. K.

---- I love your Night Time Leg Calm! It really works! Thanks! Now I'll give your other oils a try!

---- I have suffered from fibromyalgia, arthritis, back problems and rls for over 8 years now. The rls had gotten so bad nothing I took, (and I am on some pretty strong medications) helped with rls. I got my bottle yesterday, put it on before I went to bed, and no more kicking and loss of sleep from rls. This product is truly a miracle! I have never really believed in natural remedies, but I certainly will try some of your other products now. I am telling everyone I know about this.

---- I just wanted to tell you how fabulous the Leg Calm oil is. I suffer from RLS every night; I have suffered with this it seems like my whole life. For about 4 months now I it has progressively gotten worse, it was at the point of waking me up in the middle of the night On the day I was going to call my doctor (I had not sleep in about 3 days) to get a prescription I thought I would search the web for an all natural approach one more time. I saw your website, read the information and thought $14.95 plus shipping and a money back guarantee, I could not loose. The very first night I used it I got relief, I was shocked. NO RLS any more!!! I will even go as far as saying that it helps me fall asleep faster too. The smell is enjoyable and relaxing. I now look forward to go to bed at night, thank you for a great product; I have passed your website along to all my friends and family. Thank you K. N.

---- I am a returning customer, I really enjoyed the night time leg calm, it helped better than the meds the dr. prescribed, and lasted a long time. Thanks for the buy one offer, I will order more at a later time

---- I just want you to know that your night time leg oil works wonderful. It goes to work within minutes. I am very thankful for your product. Kathy

---- I love the oils I have bought, especially Leg Calm. I now have my friends using some of your oils.

---- The Night Time Calm arrived VERY QUICKLY, and I am pleased with it. I have severe RLS, so it did not eliminate the symptoms, but after using it, I was able to cut back on some medication that I took for the RLS. That was WONDERFUL! I highly recommend your product to everyone. The quality is unmistakable, and your customer service is excellent! Thanks so much!!! Sincerely, Val

---- Your products are absolutely incredible! I should be writing this grandest testimonial of all for the Restless Leg Blend. I believe this is can equate to a miracle! Maybe of a divine nature? I cannot tell you how awful it has been the past few years for my husband. Needless to say he has been in abject misery - which in turn also interrupts my sleep. He was skeptical - as all men are - but not anymore. It works - like a dream! We will talk more about this very soon.

---- Thank you for the other samples sent as well. I'm using the Blood Pressure product now. Also, my husband woke with this terrible kink in his neck - to the point he could hardly turn his head. I used the Back Soothe on his achy sore area. I was on the phone when he came to my office door and pointed to the bottle and gave me a 'thumb's up' sign. No more pain.

---- I do sound like a walk testimonial - but really can't help myself. It's as though angels have come down to earth - and they are your company.

---- I must thank you. Last night your ĎNight-Time Leg Calmí gave me the first relaxing evening and night Iíve had for a looonnnnggggg time. It was GLORIOUS, and Iím still savoring the benefit of a good nightís rest. I thank God I found your website!! This product is truly a blessing, and I deeply appreciate each person who had a part in providing it. God bless you!!

---- After using your blood pressure wellness oil for one day it has lowered my BP about 20 points!!!

---- I am very impressed with your Night Time Leg Calm. My husband started using this product 1 week ago and got results the first night and has had been able to get good nights sleep every since. I am so thankful for Night Time Leg Calm.........he is a much happier husband now!

---- I was quite the skeptic, but after my husband bought me the Leg Calm oil, I achieved the first full night of sleep without twitching and jumping legs. I still don't know how it works, but who cares? It DOES work !

---- Thank you, and I love your products. I bought your High Blood Pressure Oil and my blood pressure has gone from 154 / 105 to 124 / 74, taken this evening. Thank you so much for your natural products and caring spirit.

---- Just a note to say "THANK YOU" in behalf of my friend -- for whom I purchased Night time leg calm. She called me to let me know that your product worked so quickly that she was beside herself with excitement at the prospect of getting a good night's sleep. I was equally excited for her and had to let you know how pleased I am that you and your product did not disappoint me or my friend. Thank you again so very much. Gratefully Yours, J&J

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: Delivery was extremely fast. Product came in excellent condition, easy to understand instructions for use. The product works well. Could not be more satisfied.

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: This was the second purchase I had made from this company and the product performed as advertised, the customer service was very accommodating and informative. Will continue to do business with them

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: They were great all around, I sent for the product late on Friday and got it on Tues the next week. The product I bought does everything they said it would and Iím very satisfied. Will recommend them to a friend. The product I bought was for Restless Leg Syndrome that has kept me up at night for years and Iím now getting great sleep. Cant say enough about them and there product.

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: Fantastic products. Leg Calm has literally saved my life. I can sleep again! Bless Them!

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: When I received my product, I had noted two of the bottles had leaked their contents from packing. Upon e-mail receipt of my concern, I was immediately sent two full replacement bottles of the product. I certainly did not expect this, and I very much appreciated the quick response from this merchant. I am very pleased with the products and have since purchased more. I like the variety and excellent quality of the products offered. I like having this alternative means to care for my family so readily available and have found the posted information helpful. I will remain a good customer of their products!

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: I tried the oil for restless legs and it worked for me. I almost think its in my mind, but it did work, and for that I will be eternally grateful. What can be in olive oil and grape seed extract that makes this effective? Good job - any time I can get a natural cure, I will take it.

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: Your service is absolutely the best. I will continue to order products from you and recommend you to my family and friends. Your products are of the highest quality. They are nicely package and protected so when your customer gets them they are not broken and your delivery time is the best! Thank you, Debra

---- Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Not Rated Title: Body: The product has helped greatly. My RLS has not affected me since I have started using the product. Thanks

---- Rating: Excellent Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments: The product I purchase does everything the manufacture said it would and I am very grateful.

---- Rating: Excellent Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments: I am so glad I found these healing oils, I take a lot of different medications, and it is refreshing to find some natural remedies that actually do work. And also affordable, more so than prescriptions that sometime donít work and you have a terrible reaction to some that are taken with other things. Thanks Wellness Oils. Carole Rocha Sparks, NV

---- Rating: Excellent Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Good Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Not Rated I found getting around their website very difficulties whatsoever. Their delivery of my order was very a matter-of-fact it is the best service I have had from a merchant on a website. I am not rating the customer service as I have had no reason to contact them. Overall, I am well pleased with everything about this company. I would not hesitate to order again...nor would I hesitate to recommend them to my friends. jak

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---- Rating: Good Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Good Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Good Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments: The Wellness oil for Restless legs worked really fast, within the 1/2 hour for me. I is working pretty well for me, but I have to use it as soon as the restless legs begin or in my hands. I put the oil on the neck area for my hands. After having restless for over 45 years is is eerie to know this oil can help. Thank you, for letting me express my opinion.

---- Rating: Excellent Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Comments: This was a very pleasant experience with Natures Inventory. All of their products are of a very high quality and packaged/shipped beautifully! I would also like to comment on their Night Time Leg Calm oil for those of us with restless leg syndrome. My husband thought I was a little crazy for buying this stuff and said it would never work. Well, since heís been using it, he swears that he no longer has back or leg pain. In fact, he can tell if I forget to put it on him some nights. My husband is a creature of habit and doesnít like to try new things, but he now SWEARS that this stuff works. We will be buying the Night-time leg calm for as long as Natures Inventory will sell it. So PLEASE do not stop making this wonderful remedy!!!!
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